start Your Career as an Airport Firefighter


Airport firefighting is a noble job that requires honor, strength and sacrifice of those called to do it. But, even if you have the heart to join this career, it may seem difficult especially when you do not have prior knowledge on how to go about it. This brief article give you all the information you need to know about airport firefighter jobs . It will introduce you to this career, enlighten you about the job description and highlight all the qualifications that must be met in order to get the job.


Who are airport firefighters?

Airport firefighters are firefighters specialized to fight fires in aircrafts and buildings within the airport. In addition, they provide first-aid and rescue services for air craft passengers and the crew. They are also responsible for providing technical advice about fire safety and assist in educating airport users about fire fighting and safety. 

What do airport fire fighters do?

Other than above mentioned duties, airport firefighters may perform the following tasks;

*Help to evacuate people in life threatening situations using mobile high performance water crafts and vehicles.

*Fight fires within the airport using a wide range of equipment including foam sprayers, hoses and monitors

*Protect airport property endangered by the fires

*Protect the environment during an emergency situation

*Participate in organized drills for rescue work and fire control

*Inspect fire alarms system

*Conduct fire-safety inspections

*Testing and maintaining fire vehicles, hoses and other firefighting equipment

*Help in managing the operation of Fire Control Centers at airports

*Keenly monitor the aircrafts’ motion during arrival and departures.

*Handle the fully automated towers and attend to emergencies 

*Relay the correct information to necessary departments

*Ensure the passengers and crew are evacuated from emergency situations

* Record all the information and activities during an emergency


Who can apply for an airport fire fighter job? 

Personal Qualifications:

Anyone with a strong heart can apply for the job. However, most recruiters look for the following traits in an individual when recruiting airport firefighters;

*Ability to handle the job’s physical demands 

*Ability to swim 

*Whether you are comfortable working at heights 

*Whether you are comfortable working in confined spaces 

*Ability to work in a structured service environment 

*If you are a team player 

*Good interpersonal and communication skills 

*Meet Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations for color vision 


Minimum requirements:

Applicants must have at least one year of experience in controlling and extinguishing of fires as regular and active members of a registered fire department. The one year of experience is usually credited against an average of fifty six hours each week or 2, 912 hours in every year. In addition, you must have a volunteer experience at regularly scheduled training sessions and must also have regular and actual participation training in fighting fires. 

In addition, candidates must meet the following minimum criteria:

1. Must be above 18 years old 
2. Must possess a GED certificate or be a high school graduate

3. Must have an EMT-B Certification 

4. Participants who are ongoing training must remain on EH&S standards, meet OSH requirements as well as Fire, Hazmat and EMS.



At the entry level, airport firefighters are paid an annual salary between $50,000 -$52,000. The top paid airport firefighters are paid $82,000-$84,000. 


With the above information, landing a job as an airport firefighter will be simpler and easier.